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A dog’s day at the spa can be a paw-sitively fun experience for everyone involved. It’s the kind of pampered treatment you would expect from a professional, so we don’t recommend attempting to give your dog a bath at home. But if you’re already at the groomer’s with your pooch and getting a bath yourself, then why not get your dog a bath while you’re at it?

Dog grooming is an important part of your dog’s health and well-being. A dog that is well-groomed looks good, smells good, and is less likely to have skin problems and heat stroke. A dog who is groomed regularly is also more likely to get adopted by a new owner if the pooch ever finds itself in a shelter. That’s why you should bring your dog to Dog Ma Dog Spa every six weeks. We’ll give your pooch a good brushing, trim its nails, clean its ears, and clip its hair. We’ll make sure your dog looks and smells great.

We at dog ma dog spa know that caring for your dog’s need to be pampered as much as they care for their human’s most needs. We have a full list of services that will have your dog coming back, tail wagging, for more – bathing, clipping, grooming, and more. We even offer training. We are conveniently located for your convenience.